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Wound Care

Florida Injury & Regenerative Medicine offers cutting-edge therapies and treatments for “Chronic Wounds”, also known as “non-healing wounds”. These are often seen with Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Venous Ulcers and Arterial Ulcers.  Complicating factors often include infection, circulation issues, age, repeated trauma and medications. 

Traditional treatment includes debridement, nutritional support, compression therapy, biopsies, cryotherapy, antibiotics and adjunctive therapies such as oxygen and pressure therapy.

Cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine therapy is now available in the world of chronic, non-healing wounds. CMS, Center for Medicare Services has even embraced the advanced healing properties of these Regenerative Medicine applications to chronic, non-healing wounds, often preauthorizing weekly treatment for up to 10 weeks in order to ensure healing resolution to these very serious complications!

To offer the most advanced and comprehensive treatment options, the expert team at Florida Injury & Regenerative Medicine utilizes various Regenerative Medicine therapies for chronic, non-healing wounds, often in the form of amniotic membrane skin substitutes measured in square centimeters, applied as a dressing or patch over the wound that allows the absorption of various tissue growth factors into the wound for advanced healing! 

Treatment benefits with amniotic membrane compared to traditional wound care:

*contains a significant number of cytokines and essential growth factors

*reduces pain when applied to a wound

*increases and enhances the wound healing process

*has antibacterial properties

*is non-immunogenic (will not be seen as foreign material)

*provides a biological barrier

*provides a matrix for migration and proliferation of cells

*reduces inflammation

*reduces scar tissue formation

*reduces wound healing time in comparison to traditional wound care

*reduces incidence of infection in comparison to traditional wound care

*reduces incidence of amputation in comparison to traditional wound care

Florida Injury and Regenerative Medicine prioritizes seeking out and offering this type of care for chronic, non-healing wounds to all patients suffering from this very serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Our caring and professional staff provides these services in the outpatient office setting, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities and in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Patients can be assured of receiving the highest standards of compassionate care.